Meet The Owner

Talia is the creator and owner of Shea Scrubs. This business was created to provide individuals with healthy, chemical free products that keep their skin feeling soft and clean. ​So many unwanted chemicals find their way into products that go directly onto our skin and there had to be another option.

Scrubs wanted to bring a safe alternative soap and scrub brand into the picture. Each product is handmade and carefully packaged to provide clients with a pleasurable experience. Shea

Friends and family began to ask for products made with essential oils, so Shea Scrubs started out of a need for more naturally based soaps and scrubs. Not only does Shea Scrubs have products ready for purchase, but custom options are available as well. This allows you as a consumer to put your say on what you want in your soaps or scrubs, making it easy to find scents that you love!

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